I was on a European tour promoting my newly released album at that time, Super Chief: Music for the Silver Screen. I was invited to perform alongside British and American talents in one of the musical festivals. There were a lot of younger generation performers on the show. And I am always happy to get to know new artists and see their potentials and talents. I have hope in my heart that the music industry will continue to blossom under their musical flair and abilities. I also like jamming with them and they are amazed that I am able to keep up with them. Understandably, music has evolved so much since I first stepped on stage in the 1960s. I encourage the millennials to continue honing their craft and do not hesitate to experiment with their brand of music. I believe we should not allow ourselves to be boxed into one category or musical genre. There is so much room for growth and development in the music industry.

I was saddened to see some artists who do not give their all in their performances. I mean, I do not see in them the true passion and motivation that should drive artists to perform in front of a multitude of fans. I am sorry to say this but they seemed like they were just in it for the fame and money. Although these are valid reasons to be on stage, I just do not see that a motivating force to make you last longer in the industry. You see, fame and money may wane but if you have a passion for music just because you love music, then no outside factor can affect your drive to perform and give your best performance each and every time you step on that stage and face the fans. And I believe that fans see right through you. They will remain loyal to you when they see that you have that true love for music. You will see that the music and the people will love you back wholeheartedly.