Welcome to the official website of Van Dyke Parks

Welcome to the official website of Van Dyke Parks. When you hear “Laurel Canyon Boulevard”, “My Hobo Heart”, and “What Love Wants To Be” blasting from the sound system inside the traditional raised garage doors in Milwaukee which we had installed by a1garage.com/milwaukee, we know you cannot help but sing along and enjoy his music and artistic genius.

This site is dedicated to all supporters of Van Dyke Parks who followed his colorful career through the years. Van Dyke Parks’ career has been marked with a fair share of successes and struggles and he is more than willing to share with all of us how all of these made him stay tough and last longer in the music scene. Having released 12 albums in a span five decades, Van Dyke Parks is considered one of the pillars of the music industry. His talents allowed him to revolutionize different genres such as rock and roll and pop. He does not hesitate to experiment with his music. Van Dyke Park is a pop-rock artist who is also into baroque pop, experimental pop, alternative indie rock, and experimental rock.  These ventures sealed the recognition and acclaim given to him as an eclectic musical artist. He also lent his artistry and genius to the film and theater industry through his musical scoring, sessions, and yes, acting.

This is where we publish the official statements and press releases for Van Dyke Parks albums, shows, and tours. Get to know the stories and inspirations behind his songs and albums. Know the dates and location of his performances.  Who knows you might also get a chance to meet and greet this great artist and receive an autographed copy of one of his albums. Get updated with his latest collaborations with other artists and keep up with his other artistic works.

This is more than a fan page. On this official site, Van Dyke Parks shares with us his thoughts and ideas in the portion “Letters from the Road”. These are letters he wrote while he was on travel for tours around the world. This is a good chance to get to know Van Dyke Parks better and deeper as he opens up to his subscribers about the challenges and joys of living life and his triumphs and failures in the music industry. This page also features his other creative works and ventures aside from music such as arts, film, television, movies, and writing as well as his works for other artists.

Van Dyke Parks’ music endures to touch so many people’s hearts and it is amazing how his talents seem endless.  Just when we think that we have seen all he has to offer, he goes ahead and shows us a different side of himself. He continues to inspire and amaze us each passing year without showing any sign of slowing down. For Van Dyke Parks, his musical and artistic genius is a gift that he generously gives to the rest of the world, not only for a moment but for generations to come.